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Thank you for everything

Nishkarsh Sir has been a very straightforward mentor in terms of communicating the right information about how much time , how much money may be required from our end to make this into a successful income stream . Besides that his teaching includes glimpses of his own lessons learnt on this journey so that makes the lessons a little more interesting .

So Far in to the challenge I have taken out time from my job and got the things done before moving on to the next step . This has made me realise that one thing at a time is really worth it .

In terms of money , I have invested roughly 5K so far , now that might seem a lot but I tell myself that once I start making things work here , this investment won't seem much , besides to make money I guess we must first let go of a little money in the process . However so far it's worth the value I get .

As an overview of the training , I'd like to highlight that it is simple , step by step and action oriented . The explanation is in layman terms , easy to understand and follow along .

I'm really hoping more young working folks would avail opportunities like this .

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Brilliant EFC towards eCom literacy

Hi, I'm a 65 yr CA retired from the Corporate finance function in various industries in India and UK and have been on the lookout for an Ecom workshop that is absolutely transparent and calls a spade a spade ... and this workshop challenge absolutely fits the bill ... Nishkarsh is absolutely brilliant in succintly explaining and putting together very quickly, probably a bit too quickly for the IT unsavvy 😀, all the processes and functions ... Hats off to brilliant EFCs in the future to create more eCom literacy. God bless. Manoj Mehandru


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Initially when I saw the EFC add in…

Initially when I saw the EFC add in YouTube, I'm gonna thinking that what they are really gonna teaching and how they are gonna mentor us, but when I started to listen this fellow Nishkarsh sharma he was amazing & I got blown out of my mind. He is very good at this and definitely a big thumbsup for your job which you are doing, I'm very happy for joining this challenge and being a part of this awful program.
thank you
:Nishkarsh sharma love you!

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Its a great platform for someone who…

Its a great platform for someone who wants to start the business online and for the one who need a guidance or mentorship.I was also waiting to start the business but from where to start i was stuck over there.The best thing i liked about this challenge its not like a spoon feeding for someone they are asking to do things by ourselves and asking us to decide by ourselves this is one of the good things.nishkarsh is a good mentor who is free enough to help and share ideas to scale up the business and i hope it will be my great experience by end of the challenge
wish you all a very good luck!

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EFC really worth the shot!

I personally find the 'E-Com Freedom Challenge' one of my best investments in terms of time and money! All thanks to our mentor Nishkarsh and the team of Digital Dukaandar.
Nishkarsh is definitely gifted with coaching skills and exhibits a great entrepreneurship spirit. I find him very believable and modest and hence my trust in him has escalated since day 1.

I truly appreciate the follow-ups though the day reminding us to complete the work. These reminders are not nagging but definitely help you stay in focus with the program.

In Terms of VFM, this course is a steal deal. The term "Bang for the buck" is far from it in a good sense! Given the charges for the course it is understandable not to receive a one on one assistance but they have a fantastic support system that helps you become independent and trains you towards troubleshooting.

I love the way the program has been put together, very well organised with a definite structure and self motivational badges.

Thank you Nishkarsh and Digital Dukaandar for sharing your knowledge with us in the most professional way.


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Every single day of these 5 day ecom freedom chalenge are amazing it gives Patractical knowledge about online business and also step by step processes are also amazing .... It worth more than 500₹

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

A dedicated Team

A challenge designed after understanding the challenges for a starter in E-commerce world.
More focus is given on the thought process in analysing the target audience and obstacles one might face in implementing the same.
Success depends on the quality of effort and consistency towards something, here they have emphasised on taking action everyday through reminders so that one keeps going.
The effort is visible and one won't regret enrolling for this E-com challenge.


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Truely an Amazing journey

Truely an Amazing journey, I was praying like what if these 5 days will never go and you keep on come everyday and guide & motivate us to work everyday because I am thoroughly doing the task and it was more lookin like interesting game rather than task.

Ecom Challenge is a must try Challenge for each and everyone who is lookin for their own Ecommerce store /business online

The knowledge is Worth Rs 20000 and not Rs500.

Great work By Nishkarsh & team

Thank you for reminding us about the daily tasks through calls, messages and videos.

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The 5 day ecom challange has been a…

The 5 day ecom challange has been a wonderful experience so far. I have learned so much business wisdom for the master Nishkarsh Sharma.For only 500 rupees the content is honestly undervalued and is worth way more than that and i would have paid more if i had known that it contains so much useful valid information.

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If you are some one who has been…

If you are some one who has been thinking about opening an online store and went no where because of reasons like not taking actions, not knowing exactly what to do, confusion, or analysis-paralysis, this course is for you. This course is a pleasant kick in your butt that will catapult you to Action Zone! Totally Worth it, and eventually time saving.