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Reviews  3,657

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Book Project

I'm a university student who had to create a photo book as part of an assignment and I decided to send it of to Mixam to be professionally printed. Mixam were excellent throughout the process, their support team were very helpful when I needed help with anything and were efficient in producing and sending the book to me before my deadline. The book came exactly as I ordered it and was produced to a professional quality. I was very pleased with my book and my overall experience with using Mixam. I have rated them with 5 stars and would definitely use them again in the future.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent and prompt service!

Excellent and prompt service!! Communication was courteous, helpful, and customized to my needs.
The whole process was smooth and as expected, no delays. I received the magazine on the day that I wanted it (as I had requested). I feel valued, supported, and listened to as a customer. Keep the good work going, Mixam!
Best wishes,

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Superb first-time consumer experience

First time I used Mixam. Superbly easy online ordering system, and a high quality product was delivered quickly for an extremely comptetitive price. This will be my go-to for all such orders in the future.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

No longer fit for purpose

This once-great company is no longer fit for purpose (as other reviewers have also noted). It seems to have been bought out and now only cares about profit, not customers.

This is why:

1. Mixam's uploading process changes your page order, even when files are named and numbered correctly. Our last order had middle pages printed at the back. No refund was given despite multiple requests. [Update following Mixam's reply: yes, Mixam, my pages were renamed by me - correctly, to ensure they should have been in the right order. Mixam's file ordering system then failed]

2. Mixam's technology is out-of-date. They refuse to upgrade beyond PDFX-1A, whereas other printers use PDFX-4. Files are downgraded to 300dpi.

3. Delivery is now ridiculously awful. Most books arrive damaged due to bad packaging. The boxes barely hold together and books come battered. Refunds are only given after you provide a single photo showing - in one image - all damage to all copies affected. This is laborious and difficult to achieve. [Update: Mixam try to blame the delivery company in their reply, but Mixam did not package the books safely - they were just rattling around loose in the boxes. Damage in transit was inevitable, due to Mixam's bad packaging]

4. Customer service is now combative, rather than collaborative. There is a general distrust of the customer (see above re only giving a refund if you provide 'all damaged copies in one photo').

After 7 years, we're leaving for a better printing company.

Reply from Mixam

Hello Kincl,
We are sorry to read this and that some of your books arrived damaged. We can see that we have arranged the refund for the 8 damaged copies.

Sadly despite our best efforts to pack the books securely in robust double-walled boxes, occasionally they may not be handled in transit as carefully as any of us would want and it is only right that we correct this if damage occurs.

With regards to the files supplied, we can see that we had offered advice on the best way to supply the files so that they print cleanly & we have compared your uploaded PDF files with our processed production files and there is no degradation of the artwork quality. As such the PDFX1A processing is not the cause of any artifacts in your artwork.

As you're working from scanned image files and not the original source files, the fonts and artwork elements will not be embedded and as such will never be as clear and crisp as the original source files. Processing with PDFX4 will not improve the output/end print result.

We are also aware that this order was placed & confirmed in a rush and when some files were removed, replaced and renamed, this caused some of the pages to change position prior to the order being confirmed, we are sorry that you did not notice this prior to confirming the order, but we do recommend checking all aspects of the artwork and page positions carefully prior to confirming the order.

We are committed to and proud of our customer service and no quibble refunds or replacements, should something go wrong and we are the first to hold our hands up to any mistakes we may make.

On this occasion, we were unable to offer a further resolution as the artwork has been printed as it was supplied, displayed and confirmed.

We do hope that the technical advice we have offered will be helpful and we would be more than happy to help & discuss this with you again should you choose to print with us in the future.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Mixam created bespoke faux-linen covers…

Mixam created bespoke faux-linen covers for my small print run of books and gave me lots of advice over the phone for me to design the dust jacket. It was sometimes hard to get them on the phone but when I did the support team was amazing. The end product looked very professional.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Very satisfied

Five star for the quality of the print, price, service and delivery. The website is user friendly, very intuitive, I will use Mixam for sure next time that I have to publish another book.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Mixam a very good printer to deal with.

Mixam have a very good website where you can plan and cost your print project, the process of loading your artwork file and progressing to print is also very client friendly. The choosing section to decide the colour, quantity, paper type and finishes is very easy to use and helps you to keep within your budget. Delivery has always been on time and the delivery costs are very reasonable. When I have had to seek assistance the team at Mixam have been quick to respond and ensure the job is completed to my satisfaction. All in all a good print company to deal with.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Top class service and quality

Overall this was a very satisfactory experience. The quality of the product, 10 x A4 landscape 56pp hardback book, is excellent. The customer service can only be 10/10 (Jess was amazingly helpful!) and the technical setting up of my book was easy.
Will definitely be using Mixam again. Charlie Edwards